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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  November 5, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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but good autopsy managers. thank you to bill burton, michael steele, and patricia murphy, and, of course, howard fineman. that's all for now. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern. "the ed show" is coming up next. good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show" like from detroit lakes, minnesota. we've got to a lot do. let's get to work. >> the republicans had a good night. >> here comes america. >> this was a great day for the country. >> but back to the future -- >> senator mcconnell decided to have his press conference before president obama's. >> the president's always been cordial. our top political priority tonight, president obama, a political concern. he's always been cordial. >> we're going to make them squeal. >> it might be a little like the carpenters song "we've only just
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begun." >> a total repudiation, no doubt. >> a direction rejection of president obama. >> the president of the united states. >> we're simply more than just a collection of red and blue states. we are the united states. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. two press conferences today. the first one, the new incoming senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, focused, to the point, very direct. the president later on subject after subject almost rambling, certainly looking for all the right words in a very conciliatory tone. but how far will the president actually go? last night was a complete rejection of the president of the united states and what he stands for. you can't sugarcoat it. there were four main democratic themes in this election that simply did not work. democrats focused on income inequality, the war on women, voting rights, and fighting bad
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trade deals. now, those themes, well, they just didn't ring true with voters and just didn't ring true with voters on the ground. republicans now control the house and the senate. here's what americans have to look forward to. not to be negative, this is the truth. i'm not going to play the blame game and silt here and cry over spilt milk, but this is where we're going, folks. republicans will try to fast track bad trade deals which will gut american johns like the tpp. they'll say they're going tony crease jobs. they want to lower the corporate tax rate. they want gogo down to 25%. they say that's going to create jobs. they're going to try to abolish the national labor relations board. they say that gets in the way of business. and the republicans are going to try to roll back environmental agency protection regulations. it's going to be a tough two years. there will be a budget fight, you can count on it. and that's going to invoud
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medicare, medicaid, social security. they're going go right into the cross hairs all under the umbrella to privatizering they can get their hands on. make no mistake, this is where we're going. this is going to be the conversation of the fight. all of this is backed up with more republican gubernatorial seats and more aggressiveness on the state level. president obama must stand firm by protecting obamacare and the big three. it won't be easy with senator mitch mcconnell as the new majority leader, no doubt about it. something else to look forward to is republicans controlling hearings in the senate. what do you think, they're just going to forget all this stuff? hearings into fast and furious, count only it. the irs, count on it. benghazi, we're not done with that. there'll be something in the senate that deals with benghazi. earlier today mitch mcconnell gave a press conference. he said that he wants to make the senate work again but said investigations are on the table.
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>> oh, you can bet on that. >> oh, you can bet on that. that's a pretty direct answer. mcconnell said he wanted to work with the president. >> earlier today i got a call from the president. i also the senate and speaker and ted cruz too. we ought to see what areas of agreement there are and see if we can make progress in the country. i think we ought to start with the view that play-by-plmaybe t things we can agree on with the country. >> mcconnell highlighted two areas he thinks he can work on with the president of the united states. here they are. >> trade agreements. the president and i were talking about that right before i came over here. most of his party is unenthusiastic about international trade. we think it's good for america, and so i've got a lot of members who believe that international trade agreements are a winner for america.
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and the president and i discussed that right before i came over here. i think he's interested in moving forward. the president's indicated he's interested in doing tax reform. we all know having the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world is a job exporter. all this talk about job skporation, what's exporting jobs is having the highest corporate tax rate in the world. he's interested in that and i am too. so those are our areas of agreement. >> i guess it's my job as the liberal list of the media is that republicans are all about power and getting their way. i don't think that's going to change. i don't think republicans want to negotiate with the president. i think republicans want to dictate with the president. it's their way or the highway. it's always been that way. it's almost like last night and all through today's coverage and even in today's press conference we have just erased from our
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memory the fact that this is the most obstructed president in the history of the country, that there have been a record number of filibusters. it's almost as if the filibuster didn't happen. well, now, it's time for the president of the united states to get on board. the obstruction, the stop-everything ajeb da that the republicans have had was confirmed last night. and now it's up to the president to turn and say, hey, i'm going to work with you wherever i can, even though you stopped everything i tried to do as a my flo minority party. if the president doesn't play ball, yes, say it, he could face impeachment. mcconnell also spoke about other issues he might tackle without the president. >> we need to embrace the industry revolution that's going on in our country. promote it. hugely advantageous to america not only in the area of northwestern independence, but
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employment. i mean the employment figures connected with keystone are stunning if we would just get going. it's no secret that every one of my members thinks that obama care was a huge legislative mistake. we'll be discussing how go forward on this issue when we get back. i will say this for sure. there are pieces of it that are deeply, deeply unpopular with the american people. the medical device tax, which has exported an enormous number of jobs, the loss of the 40-hour workweek, big mistake. that ought to be restored. the individual mandate. people hate it. >> i want you to know that mitch mcconnell did not write my show tonight and i wrote this with our team before his press conference because i knew exactly what he was going to say. we're back to keystone as a big job boon in this country? are you kidding? a short time later president obama came out and he said that
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he is willing to work with republicans, conciliatory. >> if there are ideas that the republicans have that i have confidence will make things better for ordinary americans, the fact that the republicans suggesting it as opposed to a democrat, that will be irrelevant to me. i want to just see what works, and there are some things like rebuilding our infrastructure or early childhood education that we know works, and i'm hoping that, you know, the kind of attitude and approach that mitch mcconnell and john boehner have already expressed, their desire to get things done, allows us to find some common ground. >> well, earlier this year president obama said that he wanted this to be a year of action. i don't know if it's the kind of action he's thinking about right now, but i know that the republicans have got some pretty aggressive things in mind about what they want to roll back. president obama in the midst of all that, he had some very kind words for the future majority
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leader. >> you know, actually, i would enjoy having some kentucky bourbon with mitch mcconnell. i don't know what his preferred drink is, but, you know, my interactions with mitch mcconnell, you know, he has always been very straightforward with me. to his credit, he has never made a promise that he couldn't deliv deliver, and, you know, he knows the legislative process well. he obviously knows his caucus well. you know, he's always given me, i think, realistic assessments what he can get through his caucus and what he can't, so i think we can have a productive relationship. >> well, i can tell you the president is certainly right on one point. he wants to go have a drink with mitch mcconnell. tlink's a helluva lot of liberals in this country last night who couldn't get to the bar fast enough.
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remember, it was mitch mcconnell who said hit price yort was to make the president a one-term president. i wouldn't hold out hope from the sudden challennge of heart the new senate majority leader. there's one briets spot. all four states with minimum wage on the ballot increased minimum wage. that's fantastic. republicans will just use this as an opportunity to say the issue shout be left to the states. i don't believe that the republicans are going to move on a federal minimum wage. they're going to say, hey, let the states take care of it. now, as a liberal, i are e fuse to play the blame game. can't cry over spilt milk, it's over, we've got to move forward. that, i think, goes nowhere if you say, we didn't do this, we didn't do that. wait a minute. i'm going to focus on the reality and try to change what happened and what's going to hoop as far as the legislative agenda is concerned being thrown
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up by the new majority party coming in. bottom line, when your bottom line goes back, you've got to make change nchl politics when things don't work, you're gobts to move. you can't stay in the same place. i think president is ready to move, but is he ready to move in the right place after he's been elected and re-elected? what's the next move for the democrats? what's the next move for the left. and, again, do not forget that it's great presentation on the part of the republicans to come out and say, hey, this is a mandate, this is a rejection of the president. wait a minute. they have been rejecting this president all along. they have been election deniers all along, unable to do anything, turn to the country and say it's his fault and the american people bought it with only 407 voting. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question, do you trust
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mitch mcconnell to work with president obama. text a for yes and b for no. text 67622. for more, let me get back to the next question. what's the next move for the left and for the right. adam green with us and michael eric dyson, mmsnbc political analyst at georgetown university. great to have both of you gentlemen with us. adam, to you first, what point does seeing this huge victory, this huge sweeping election taken by the republicans last night? >> we have to inspire people with big ideas. that's the add. there was not a huge bona fide election. but the most popular campaigner on the campaign trail was elizabeth warren packing the house in red states and purple states and the reason was is that her economic message of
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expanding soerkt security benefits, reducing student debt is popular everywhere. so we need to rally around big ideas and we hope that's the direction that the president goes, not just the lowest common denominator of republicans or go with the right winged. that. >> are you suggesting that if dmitri carats had been following what elizabeth warren said there would be a different outcome last night? >> i am absolutely saying that. if they woke up and thought low priced education was a possibility, expanded social security benefits was a possibility, things like that or their jobs would be a greater than they are now, things like that would have motivated people to come to the polls. it's hard to come up with one crisp message that june fies democrats. we need a unified democrated parties behind a bold message.
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mitch mcconnell will not be out front from an elizabeth warren-style message. >> dr. dyson, what do you make of all this? okay, they lost big time last night. where do they go from here in your opinion? >> yeah. i don't think we should overinterpret what happenyou sa. first of all when the president said two-thirds of the people did not vote. that's signifying that those of us who didn't vote, those who complain and bemoan what's happening have really contributed to our own demise so to speak. and furthermore, that in order for us to have a nation that is unified, we have to tell the truth about the suffering of the poor, the suffering of those, the economic populism that brother green referred to here that elizabeth warren used to pack the houses is extremely important. so let's not take the wrong message here. the wrong message would be mitch
2:15 pm
mcconnell has the right ideas. with eve got to attack on that. give up the aggressive leaning platforms. no, the prtz as you said, something very important, they've been after him. has been put out of office symbolically by these folk from the very beginning. that is, those who oppose him. so this is nothing new for him. the only new reality is now it's explicit. put your cards on the table. they have a side, you have a side. true compromise means bringing your particular perspective to bear and using your perspective as some kind of debate parameter there. >> so, dr. dyson, what do you expect the republicans to negotiate with on the president? what are liberals going to get out of mitch mcconnell. what's the give? what's your anticipation there? >> it ain't much because if he's talking about trade and corpse taxes, he's talking about benefits to the rich, those at
2:16 pm
the top. mr. green talked about elizabeth warren's economic populism when you're speaking about holing the big banks accountable and the big financial institutions accountable. we know that the obama administration has not necessarily kwon up to them in an aggressive fashion but what's important here is to talk about the debt load that the students bear, to talk about the average american in terms of the housing crisis that continues to affect especially poor and working poor communities. but we're not going to get much out of the republicans when it comes to that. so the president still has a power of vito ae veto and still power to talk about immigration and what jobs are like and can tout his own success. the enormous economic success that comes from the jobs that have been added to this economy time after time. the president and his followers must get out there and become better evangelists for the redemption they've already brought. >> all of those good numbers
2:17 pm
never shows up last night. it's almost as if, okay, we've done all we can do. i get the feeling last night that if the 47% tape had not come out when it did, that this would have been two years earlier. and so i think that -- i don't want to say there's going to be a big fight on the left but there are potions that are going to be staked out that simply are not the same, and here the president today searching for all the right words and hitting a number of different subjects almost to the point of rambling. i mean he's looking for answers. where does he get his direction now? >> well, again, he should get his direction from elizabeth warren and the elizabeth warren wing of the party or frankly just the american people. mean this is not rocket science. it's not a 50/50 nation. these are 10% to 50% issues with 10% undecided. it's not real hard. is he going to look for d.c.
2:18 pm
bipartisanship or mainstream by partisan ship. it's the direction we need to go and it will set them up for success in 2016. >> they have the power, they never liked the new deal. get ready for a budget fight, folks. they're going to try to privatize everything they can get their hanldss on. we'd better be all hands on deck and engaged. adam green, michael eric dyson, great to have you with us tonight. appreciate your time. remember to answer your question at the bottom of the screen. share your thoughts on twitter and on facebook. we certainly want to know what you think. coming up, rand paul took to social media to blast hillary clinton. can she gain momentum going into the 2016 presidential race after what happened last night? plus big wins last night for rampant republican governors. keep it right here. we're back on "the ed show." what they do actually is rocket science.
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. surprised? >> no. >> not at all? >> a little bit. no, i thought we were going to have a good night last night. >> welcome back to "the ed show." they scored big victories last night, no denying that. republicans held onto all but one of their seats in the ballot and flipped the states in maryland, illinois, arkansas, and massachusetts. the republican governors association shelled out $130,000 to keep the radical governors in office. rga chairman chris christie campaigned hard for anti-labor governors. all who won the executive director of the rca said christie was instrumental in
2:23 pm
their success. this morning the governor took a victory lap. >> a lot more red than blue. i love that map this morning. looks absolutely fabulous we didn't have the map in our favor. in night states the president won twice, we won eight of those nine. >> i think it's a repudiation of big tax and spending. >> governors that get things done get votes. >> our governors have done the right thing. they've stood by their principles. they got things done. >> last night the republican wash at the state and national level could mean bad news for middle-class workers in this country. joining me now, leo gerrard, president of the united steelworkers international. good to have you with us. last night, rough night at the office, no question about it. where should the move go from here? what's your interpretation and message sent? >> first of all, i don't think that chris christie should be doing a victory lap for himself. he's going to be in a fight with
2:24 pm
ted cruz and rand paul and all that jazz. look, every republican governor is an anti-worker, anti-middle-class worker. that being said, one of the things that i'm sure mentered into it, democrats played sharp ball, republicans played mean ball. what do i mean by that? let's go back. they ran against nancy pelosi in 2010 to last night they vilified president obama and they ran against president obama even at the governorship level. and one of my disappoints is we should have run on president obama's record. we got deficit cut in half, 55 months of job growth, manufacturing growth. we god more energy independence, 50 million people more health care, we've got the president who lowered the interest rate for student debt. all of those things. you never heard any of that coming out in a cohesive way, whether it was at the democratic governors or at most of the senate races.
2:25 pm
so my view is that the progressive movement has to unify. we can't let ourselves be divided. and we've got to push forward and we've got to fight for the kinds of things that workers care about. and if you look at those kinds of things that workers care about that were on the agenda by themselves like the minimum wage, the minimum wage blew through in every state that it was on. look at other things about health care. no one campaigned on repealing health care. >> one did that. >> yeah. >> you know? >> mr. gerrard, you heard mitch mcconnell today. he has laid out an agenda. he wanted corporate taxes reduced. he talked about the banking industry. he said that community bankers are really getting killed by dodd/frank. nobody in the press conference seemed to pick up on that. i haven't seen any bankers that are struggling as of late. >> ed, let's not forget the savings & loan. let's not forget the savings & loan.
2:26 pm
they were small kmun banks. they got deregulated. look that crash. we've had stability since president obama fought for that bill. >> so what about the tpp? they're certainly champing at the bit to get a trade agreement. in fact, mcconnell said he think his h can fi -- think his e can find ground with that. what do you think he can do? >> you're going to have extremists in the republican party, those not wants to give up their congressional right on the tpp to have elimination of fast track. and if tpp ends up looking like nafta and cafta and all the other trade deals, it will go down in defeat. this is a trade bill that it if it looks like there's -- nafta, there's going
2:27 pm
to be a look. it's led to job losses, led to deficits in manufacturing. led to 6 million lost jobs, 60,000 lost factories. there's no track record to run on. i think you're going to find a unified democratic caucus with some republicans in that congress not wanted to have fast track either. >> is the future of the national labor relations board in question after last night's outcome? >> look it. i think the future of national labor relations board is always in jeopardy. if you look at it, it's not a radical board. all they're doing is hearing cases they haven't heard for years and years. all that they're doing is giving workers a chance to have their voice heard, and if they try to do away with the national labor relations board, i can tell you there's some people in the labor movement that wouldn't mind that
2:28 pm
because then we would have a completely open set of rules. i think they're doing a reasonable job. they're not breaking any ground by any stretch of the imagination. >> okay. leo gerrard, steelworkers, great to have you with us tonight. appreciate your time. there's always another day. >> by the way, roethlisberger is playing good. go all the way. >> not only ben roethlisberger but the penguins. >> you must have been watching them last night. coming up, rand paul wasted no time to slam hillary clinton last night. we'll look at what it means for 2016. rampant panel weighs in. plus, if you thought michelle obama was rad kachlt we've got a dandy from iowa. j joni earnst weighs in. i've got your questions next on "the ed show."
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last question tonight from zander wants to know did the democrats lose because they ran from president obama and his achievements? gosh, that's some monday morning quarterbacking. who knows. i would think that the democrats know their backyard, they know what's going to play well, and there may have been a miscalculation. i think the citizens of the united money probably had some influence as well. but i was disappoint that the democrat s couldn't find enough good things to say about the jobs market and also the health care bill that passed that did a lot of things for mill yubs of american. our next question on twitter is the user rchunter. why do you think florida went to rick scott? money. down the stretch scott threw in over $20 million of his own money. $20 million can move a lot of folks. and i think they scared citizens as well with a couple of measures that were completely misunderstood. no doubt the democrats underperformed in two of the
2:33 pm
three counties that they had to show up big in. turnout, turnout, and turnout. stick around. our rapid response panel is next. we're back with "the ed show." i'm hamptom pearson with your cnbc market rap. the dow jump 1/00 points to a new high. the s&p gains 11, also hitting a record. the nasdaq falls by 3 points. companies add 2d 30,000 jobs to payrolls last month. that's according to adp. economists expected a gain of 220,000. the report comes two days before the government's closely watched employment data. and tesla shares are moving higher after hours. the company's latest earnings and revenue came in better than expected. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them.
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welcome back to "the ed show." rand paul, senator from kentucky doing a victory dance. he's making the rounds, rubbing the people's new majority in the senate in the face of hillary clinton. >> this was not only a repudiation of the president, but i think really a repudiation of hillary clinton. >> i think what you're seeing is not much difference between clinton democrats and obama clinton democrats but really the cachet of the clintons isn't really what you think it is. >> he stoopd even lower. resorted to cyber bullying. he posted an entire facebook album of photographs of clinton campaigning with candidates who lost on tuesday. each photo was tagge taggetagged #hillaryi tagged #hillaryslosers. he said you didn't think it could get worse than your book tour. wow.
2:38 pm
cheap shot. both president bill clinton and former secretary of state hillary clinton have been all over the country over the past several months. hillary clinton held 45 campaign events in 18 hard fought states and it is true almost all of the big candidates she stumped for lost from alison grimes in kentucky to bruce braley in iowa. those losses don't necessarily mean a doomed potential presidential run for hillary. people are smatter than that. but the presidential exit polls asked whether the former first lady, u.s. senator and first lady would be a good president. 42% of the people said yes. the republican party may have a new majority in the senate, fwlu are no guarantees for 2016. but i do think last night it might give clintons pause about what is going to happen in the coming months. does hillary really want to jump into this? it's going to be a heavy lift. joining me live on rapid response panel -- also with us
2:39 pm
tonight, david brock, founder of american bridge in media matters. gentlemen, great to have you with us tonight. david brock, let me ask you first. how do you think hillary clinton is inder prettying what unfolded and how it plays into her future aspirations? what do you think of it? >> look, i think nobody worked harder and nobody is more disappointed in the result last night as we all are than hillary clinton. what he believes in is an exclusive national party. now, given that we're disappointed, still thing we need to get up. she's very resilient. let's dust ourselves off and focus on tremendous political responsibilities democrats have in the next two years and i think basically we've got something to run against and you've been ticking off the show and laying out to your viewers very convincingly these folks campaigned in sheep's clothing but they're the same old wolves and the extremism and extreme agenda in minimum wage even
2:40 pm
though they flip-flopped on it and social security medical care and a whole host of freedom, immigration rights, voting rights, i don't think america is going to like what they see. secondly, if you want to know what the republicans are going to do, look at, ed, who paid for this result. the coke brothers and their cronies. they're going to want a return on their investment, and there's going to be like hogs at the trough and joni ernest is going to be right up there, the first one to feed the hogs. they're going to scream with delight but we're going to expose this and show that a lot of it on their side has been greed. >> a lot to chew on tonight, no question about that. what about hillary clinton? does this give her any pause at all and what about the money that david was just talking about going into 2016? >> first of all, thing you saw how republican an electorate that was by the polling that you
2:41 pm
saw because you only had 42% think she'd make a good president. she tends to poll better than that in a broader election. i think that tells you there's a lot of democrats who didn't show up yesterday. i think two things. rand paul is simply leading here. you know that the republican argument as long as president obama's numbers are what they are, it's going go that it's the obama/clinton administration, and they're going to try to run that argument as far as they can run it. i think the lesson for her out of this race is not that she shouldn't campaign for those people. if you're running for nomination, you run a lot of good will with parties when you campaign for people whether you win or not. a part of the campaign that democrats learned that they needed to run because there are a lot of people out there hurting economically who don't think they're getting what they deserve out of their government. that meant for the democratic base, a lot of them didn't show up. and for a lot of white working class people, they voted republican.
2:42 pm
i think what you need is a sensible policy savvy populism that has to be the argument that's going to motivate people and give some answers to people, and i think that's what hillary clinton is going to have to run on if she wants to win the election. >> david, we talked earlier in this broadcast about liberals, okay, where do we go from here, what's the best play. i think that there's going to be a fight over on the right. they got power, and the question for them is, okay, we're in caucus, let's decide how far do we go. what do you think about that? >> right. thing they're going to be divided, and i think we can exploit those divisions and those conflicts. it's going to -- i mean mitch mcconnell thinks he's going to run the senate but it's often not going to look like that. you've got three tea party sitting senators who are going to run for senate as we see what rand paul is saying and there's going to be vicious rivalry there. you're going have divided establishment as to what the best candidate is for 2016 to
2:43 pm
block the tea party. you've got a stronger tea party caucus in the house. and so, you know, think that all adds up to dysfunction. and if there is potential for secretary clinton if she decides to do it, that would be the opening in my miechbltd people know that she's a strong leader and stands up, fights for working families, and she's certainly the best prepared throughout to do so. >> yeah. e.j. dionne, what are we going to see in the next couple of years? is the president going to be a deal maker? is he going to infuriate liberals in this country by going too far? what are your expectations? >> you're hearing a lot of that from quite a few liberals and some democrats on the hill and you saw in the "washington post" some real unhappiness with the president among democrats. i think what he should do -- around my hunch is hi's going try to do something like this, is take some issues where he can work with them. one of the ones, by the way, i really hope he picks is sentencing reform. there are a lot of conservatives who have said they want to do
2:44 pm
that, and i hope he pushes ahead with that. i think there are a few areas where he can work, but then i think he is going to have to say no in a firm clear way. bill clinton's resurrection came when he fought constant medicare, medicaid, and the environment. and i think if the republicans pushed by the right wing that david mentioned try to have budget fights with the president where they either put riders on bills for things he can't support if they try to repeal obamacare or if they try to cut some of these programs, that's where i think he can stand up and not only make democrats happy but actually begin to win an argument with the public that the democrats didn't really prosecute enough in this election. and i think, you know, i agree with you. you can't look back forever and get mired in that, but you've got learn from the past. and i think they've got to learn how to make arguments better if what they want to do with government. >> all right.
2:45 pm
e.j. dionne, david brock. great to have both of you with us tonight. >> good to be here. coming up, scott walker can't be beat. stay with us. we're right back on "the ed show." shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple?
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>> and in "pretenders" tonight, joni ernest. he got in trouble for the newly elected senator. >> joni ernest, she's really attractive and she sounds nice. that got me thinking about that. i don't care if she's as good looking as taylor swift or as nice as mister rogers, but if she votes like michele bachmann, she's wrong for the state of iowa. >> harkin apologized for that but he was right about one thing. michele bachmann's departure from congress won't stop the
2:50 pm
sewer leak of the tea party rhetoric that's going to be coming. it's getting a whole new spout. >> we've already talked about closing the door to the irs. i think that would be those are entry level jobs. i think $7.25 is a great starter wage for many high school students. >> closing the door to the department of education at the federal 11. obamacare is a job killer. is a job killer. let shut down the federal e.p.a. >> i do believe in the right to carry and i believe in the right to testified myself and my family. whether from an intruder or from a government. should they decide that my rights are no longer important. >> the senator-elect made a name for herself by flaunting pig castration. i think she is planning something even messier. if she thinks she is bringing a new voice to washington.
2:51 pm
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>> the state has been polarized as we've never seen a generation. >> this affected everyone. it shouldn't have been just about unions and nonunion workers. >> money speaks. mr. money is the most powerful. >> we have seen our state take a giant step backwards. >> what he has done has caused harm to public employ arizona
2:55 pm
has been phenomenal. >> make no mistake. they'll rise back up. >> welcome back to the ed show. this is the story for the folks who take a shower after work. you just heard from wisconsin voters, sharing their thoughts. his political future was tested last night and now walker, i think he is a national player. big time. the governor has won three elections in four years with union busting policies and broken job promises. he stuck a dagger rate in the heart of labor during his first term. and battled back, being the only governor in history to survive a recall election. madison's rich labor history was snubbed by their own governor. notice seeks to gain a legacy by ignoring women's rights and voter object struck. the question is, isn't this the model that the national republicans want to follow? >> madison and also with the state senator, senator taylor,
2:56 pm
that i know there was a great effort to turn out the vote. it didn't happen the way you wanted it to. where does walker go from here. where does wisconsin go from here? >> well, the turnout in milwaukee was 65% in some other areas of the state. it needed to grow. i think the truth is, he has shown us the template of what he will do next. he always thinks about higher office. i would not be surprised if he is not, his speech seems very tailored to that concept. if he does not deal with the issues that cause us to be the worst in the nation, for so many areas, then i would argue that the people of the nation should be lack very closely. >> there are a lot of radical republicans in the governmental boyd in wisconsin. does this empower them to stay
2:57 pm
the vote? what about that? >> yeah. i think that's the really danger in wisconsin. the republicans picked up seats in our legislature and nationally, we saw the same trend with tlaes radical right wing governors like walker being able to today? office. i had what you see there is this template, it really energizes angry voters to say, union folks, especially republicans, shouldn't have health care, retirement benefits, we'll take that away. what democrats need to be able to do is say something equally energizing about what the other slide offer to people. we need a massive, progressive movement to say, with just as much passion, we'll tell people why we'll make life better. not just worse for your neighbor. >> what about that? >> i think that's exactly correct. people want to know exactly what is it that aware giving, not just to say aware against. and i think that's one of the bigge esgest issues. even at the national level, people didn't run on president
2:58 pm
obama's record which is phenomenal when you consider jobs, the stock market and so many other issues. where there has been growth, the number of people with health care. even though they continue to say they did not like the affordable care act, the rather the of the matter is when you look at the services people are getting, they want that. there may be some tweaks. we're not going away. we're still going to speak about the issues where they are over the top and they're extreme and they're wrong. for women. for workers. frankly, for citizens, for students, for seniors. i'm going to continue on speak to those issues and walker has to do different. and guess as may congresswoman said, at saying one thing and doing another. he is a smooth candidate. >> senator taylor, isn't the governor now positioned to get
2:59 pm
whatever he wants? >> arguably, he has both houses. did he before that. i think if he wants to be able to show himself, frankly, being able to go at other levels of government, he is going to have to put up in some areas where we are the worst in the nation. that's a different platform when you're running nationally. >> and finally -- how did wisconsin women vote in this election compared to 2010 and 2012? >> the gender gap grew in this election. so walker in a really interesting strategy, increased his margin among male voters at the same time that he lost women in a big way. he had a 21% advantage among men who are part of this angry group that he is appealing to. mostly married men. mostly older men. the younger people, people under 40. especially single women did not vote for scott walker. members of main orts not voting for scott walker.
3:00 pm
this is message he is putting out there and i would say, i really doubt that walker will tray to do something constructive now. the plan on the ground in the states, and you have really shown this. this is where the policy was. attack women, attack workers, and we'll see if that's a winning politics nationwide. >> the truth of the matter is he and mary pretty much split women. but mary only had 54% of the women and he had 46%. too much for him. >> state senator, great to have you with us. we'll fate for another day. no doubt. that's the ed show. good evening, revv. >> thanks for tuning in. tonight's lead, republicans say they want to compromise. do they mean it? last night voter gave gop control of the senate and today, both president obama and senator mcconnell talked about finding common ground together. >> i'm eager to work with the


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